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The team developed  HOKARE Cordless Lamps to provide innovative lighting solutions for luxury hotels and restaurants. 


French-designed and engineered, this new form of table lighting is for hotels, restaurants, SPA and other function rooms. Due to its LED technology, our latest collection of HOKARE cordless lighting provides you with a unique diffusion of coloured lights.


Established in 2007, HOKARE Cordless Lamps is a Hong-Kong based company run by a French team that manufacturing and distributing a range of Cordless lamps and LED candles.


Its creators have held down top management positions in electronic and hospitality companies.



Smart & Green release the light from the wires to offer you the possibility to illuminate spaces following your feelings and create new atmospheres every day. Its lighting systems are waterproof and shocks resistant thus the light becomes a game.

The technological innovations are at your service to offer you a simple use and to fit your needs. Moreover the nomad lamps allow you to make a better use of the light  in a ecofriendly way:


lighting under control, sustainable  LED bulb, diffusers 100 % recyclable...

Smart & Green increasing range of accessories and light diffusers offer you more and more possibilities.


special products

Customization of cordless lights with glass elements made ​​by master glassmakers of Murano - Venice

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