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Battery Specs.
Villa Galli Soleo Design

202 x 364 x 202 mm

Light Color.

Li-ion battery 12v 4.400mAh. 680 full charge cycles / Up to 20 hours use / Charging complete time : 12 hours LED: 50.000 hours.

ARCLED PROLIGHTS is a series of high-tech and powerful colorchangers, designed for indoor and outdoor artistic lighting applications.
ARCLED line introduces ten new models, with a wide range in technical and functional profiles  extending the choice in professional lighting.
New models feature different LED source power, RGB/RGBW/AW color synthesis, projection angle, IP protection grade. 
All ARCLED projectors are energy-saving multifunctional devices: full electronic control of dimmer and high speed strobe, different projection angles with optional replaceable optics, various selectable DMX configurations, high IP rate for weather-proof applications, master/slave mode of more units in a chain.
ARCLED fixtures are effective tools to highlite monuments, museums, fountains, historical buildings and key sites as well.
Quality & features of ARCLED projectors allow lighting designers, architects and decorators to express their creative imagination in different lighting environments. 

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